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"▲" for ▲wesome
Sunday, 3 June 2012 | 03:27 | 0 comments
                                        assalamualaikum and peace yo guys . just lpekan my previous previous post kay aiyn nk cite pasal my lovely dorm 
mesti korank tertanye-tanye pe lah  kaitan "▲" for  ▲wesome dengan dorm aiyn kan . 
tapi sebelum tu tutup mata dulu >.<  . skarank baru bukak . 'o'
aiyn tipu je la . actually takde pape pon . 
So let me begin my story -------->
▲ stand for dorm A & we call it awesome because there is 
little cute kitten name nisha & nyam0k name sarah
sory my beloved friend  jkjk 
aiyn kte dorm a awesome sbb smua org yg duduk dlam dorm tu awesome especially the senior
wait . wait .
and after cuti nie dorm kteorank nk wat party . wwoooooohhhooo  . x sbar gile . 
k. bye assalamualaikum x)

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